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YOHO!BUY有货分析中国潮流趋势和受众的需要,  通过买手团队和对中国潮流的理解,   提供符合中国年轻人的品牌和商品。   销售包括国际、日韩、港台、国内原创等1400多个潮流品牌商品,  满足18-35岁年轻群体的时尚述求  ,涵盖男女服装、鞋帽、配件、童装及创意生活用品等。
Yoho!Buy有货所销售的货品均与品牌直接签订销售协议,  保持货品与国际、国内实体店铺同步,  通过定制、限定发售、明星合作品牌等,  并结合“逛”内容频道及社区互动引导消费。


YOHO! BUY has the goods to analyze Chinese trends and the needs of the audience. Through the buyer team and the understanding of Chinese trends, we can provide brands and products that meet the needs of Chinese young people. It sells more than 1,400 trend brand products including international, Japanese and Korean, Hong Kong and Taiwan, domestic originals, etc., to meet the fashion demands of young people aged 18-35, covering men and women clothing, shoes and hats, accessories, children's clothing and creative daily necessities.
The products sold by Yoho! Buy have signed sales agreements directly with the brand, keeping the products in sync with international and domestic physical stores, through customization, limited sales, star cooperation brands, etc., combined with "walking" content channels and community interaction to guide consumption .
The goods belong to YOHO! Its e-commerce platform is parallel to "YOHO! Trends, YOHO online community, YOHO! E-MAGZINE, YOHO! Music season, YOHO! Trend Festival and other project products provide timely and convenient services for young audiences with various trend information and entertainment interactions; YOHO! Brands sold in stock all directly sign sales agreements with the brand to keep the goods synchronized with international and domestic physical stores and pass Exclusive customization, limited goods, etc. lead the trend of consumption.
In stock and YOHO! All of its media platforms belong to Xinli Media, which is called Xinheli Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and is a compound creative cultural enterprise. Committed to the planning, production and release of young media. Including network, print, electronic magazine, TV and new media. The company was established at the end of 2004.