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高级艺术生活品牌Geleistory歌蕾的故事携高端家居用品、香氛,永生花,珠宝,入驻国高人气生活美学电商—— 一条生活馆。

Geleistory, a high-end art and lifestyle brand, brought high-end household items, fragrances, eternal flowers, and jewellery to the country's most popular lifestyle aesthetics e-commerce company-a living hall.



yt, with a short video platform, e-commerce platform and offline stores, is a company that integrates media, e-commerce and new retail.
This self-media e-commerce platform was born in 2014. The founder is Xu Husheng, the former editor-in-chief of The Bund Illustrated. He chose to start a business at the age of 40, relying on the first productive force of "aesthetic abilities", he was born and sat down. With 35 million online subscribers, it has captured the hearts of the new and middle-class Chinese. "At the age of 35, with high-end income and purchasing power, the quality of life is relatively high." Satisfying them is a core strength.




YT founder Xu Husheng said:

"Now the middle class in Japan and the United States is the old middle class, while the middle class in China is actually a new upstart. We ourselves have come from the poor and the white. The aesthetics of life today are hard to imagine 20 years ago. Parents have not left Good thing, everything needs to be bought again.

It is our mission to truly improve the aesthetics of Chinese life. "

Geleistory运营总监 高睿 表示,高品质、高品味、高审美,热爱艺术,是我们客户的大标签,他们自身可能是艺术家、律师、设计师、中高管理层和自由职业者等等,他们对审美的追求是我们不断深入创新、研发的推动力。一条平台精准的汇聚了这批新中产,他们能在这个平台上遇见Geleistory,认可我们的产品、我们的设计、我们的品质,我们在审美上达到了共鸣,这使得我们三方都获得自已想要的,不仅仅是商业价值,是更深层次的认可,社会价值。


Geleistory Operations Director Gao Rui said that high quality, high taste, high aesthetics, and love of art are the big labels of our customers. They may be artists, lawyers, designers, middle and senior management and freelancers, etc. The pursuit is our driving force for continuous in-depth innovation and research and development. A platform brings together these new middle class accurately, they can meet Geleistory on this platform, recognize our products, our design, our quality, we have reached the aesthetic resonance, which makes all three of us get what we want It is not only commercial value, but also deeper recognition, social value.

We hope that "yt" users will like us more through online and offline platforms.



Geleistory was founded in 2012. She is almost as young as Shizu, growing up with her, and growing with the new middle class in China.

Geleistory owns a variety of brands such as high-end household items, fragrances, eternal flowers, jewelry, and high-end wedding dresses; the design concept originates from art and life, and discovers the beauty and meaning of life from a unique perspective. Looking forward to integrating into the product, integrating art and emotion, advocating nature, pursuing a refined and beautiful lifestyle, and gradually growing into a fashion light luxury brand led by art design and covering multiple fields.






YT is a high-quality living media and a life aesthetics e-commerce. Born in 2014, it currently has more than 35 million online subscribers and has received multiple rounds of investment, including Zhixin Capital, SIG Heiner Asia, and Chinese culture.

From the media "One Article" and "Gourmet Table", we use WeChat and Weibo to push high-quality original video content to users every day, covering the most beautiful designs, books, architecture, homestays, arts ... We have interviewed more than 1,000 top designs around the world Architect, architect, artist, writer, tradesman, gourmet, living.

Our life aesthetics e-commerce: "One Living Pavilion", which provides online shopping services for tens of millions of users every day, selected 100,000 pieces of good living from around the world, 2,500 high-quality brands, home appliances, home appliances, apparel, beauty, food, Books, culture and innovation, health ... insist on strict selection and personal trials.

On September 22, 2018, a physical store opened in Shanghai. In this good living collection store, you can watch thousands of exquisite original videos on the big screen. You can experience thousands of good living personally. You can also participate in regular cultural salons, lectures, live and cultural celebrities, Artists communicate.

The beauty of daily use is here.