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Artistic lifestyle brand Geleistory brings high-end household items, fragrances, eternal flowers, and jewelry to China's cross-border e-commerce platform, Koala Haigou.

Koala sea purchase, in-depth direct purchase from the source of production, to ensure the quality of goods; bulk purchase of large quantities, to ensure that the price is competitive; self-stocking government supervision, 30 days of worry-free after-sales; in-depth cooperation with customs and bonded areas, electronic customs clearance 3-15 working days after delivery. Support Neteasebao, Alipay, online banking, credit card and other payment methods, bid farewell to the trouble of multi-currency payment.



GELEISTORY attaches great importance to the sense of shopping experience. It is reported that every order of its Koala flagship store is packaged in exquisite gift boxes of environmentally friendly materials, and comes with a luxury experience package. Consumers can also customize exclusive gift cards online to enjoy efficient delivery services .

For brands, koalas are more meaningful than sales growth in acquiring young users and in-depth member operations.


Geleistory has settled on the platform this time to help users completely get rid of the troubles of private purchasing and traditional Haitao, save payment troubles, and reduce transaction costs in users' shopping.
Ensuring high-quality after-sales service is the direction of our joint efforts with the Koala Sea Shopping Platform, so that every consumer can buy assured, high-quality, comfortable overseas products.
Founded in 2012, Geleistory owns diversified brands such as high-end household items, fragrances, eternal flowers, jewelry, and high-end wedding dresses; the design concept originates from art and life, and discovers the beauty and significance of life from a unique perspective The attitude, enthusiasm, and longing for being integrated into the product, combining art and emotion, advocating nature, pursuing a refined and beautiful lifestyle, and gradually growing into a fashion brand dominated by art design and covering multiple fields. Geileistory's products are widely welcomed by high-end consumers due to their beautiful design and exquisite workmanship.


Quality after-sales service:
The overseas products sold by Koala Sea Purchase are all taken from regular foreign suppliers, adhere to the guarantee of genuine products, promise to worry-free after-sales, and help customers "live a better life with less money."
Products purchased from Koala Sea are supported for 30-day returns, and cross-border products (involving customs clearance procedures and time limits) support 7-day worry-free returns; individual products (for example, short-term overseas food, underwear for personal use, etc.) ) May not enjoy the return policy, please pay attention to the special instructions on the product page.
The worry-free return period starts from the day after you receive the Koala Sea purchase. If the customer service confirms that the return requirement is met, the return transaction will be returned to your purchase account after the return application is completed as soon as possible.